Private Investigations


Pelleas Group is a licensed private investigative agency and a certified process server based in Miami, Florida.




PELLEAS GROUP LLC provides premium research, strategic intelligence, and due diligence services to corporations, law firms, and private clients worldwide.

We provide senior decision–makers with strategic insight, intelligence and investigative services and work with clients to develop and implement strategies which protect their interests worldwide.


Our clients hire us when they need intelligence that will help them avoid surprise, make sense of trouble situations, and identify opportunities that are critical to their objectives. 

We provide our clients with precise and timely information on persons, organizations, places, to optimize consequential decisions. By eliminating blind spots and closing information gap, we can assess whether a person or a group of people poses a risk to our client’s operation. 



We are skilled investigators. we know where to look and we know what to look for. We observe behaviors, detect patterns, analyze backgrounds, develop networks of connections, unearth unsuspected affiliations, locate legal entanglements, trace hidden assets. 

Our analytic outputs enhance understanding about persons, places, and events, identify strength and vulnerabilities, and lead to sounder decisions and a more robust operation.  


In a world where action prevails, sense-making is a precursor to more effective actions. We strive to make sense of trouble situations and help our client devise the appropriate response.

Our team devises agile solutions to profile risks, anticipate threats, mitigate a crisis, and provide decision-makers with the intelligence support they need when facing critical decisions.

Drawing from two decades of experience in public and private sectors, we combine operational acumen and analytical rigor to develop pertinent assessments.





169 East Flagler Street, Suite 1435
Miami, Florida 33131


  Our office is located at the historic Alfred I. DuPont Building 169 East Flagler Street, in downtown Miami, steps from county and federal courthouses. (  Illustration: D. Sinovic)

Our office is located at the historic Alfred I. DuPont Building 169 East Flagler Street, in downtown Miami, steps from county and federal courthouses. (Illustration: D. Sinovic)

  • Criminal and Civil Investigations

  • Missing Persons

  • Pre-employment Background Check

  • Asset Tracing & Profiling

  • Security Risk Management

  • Process Service



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