Private Investigations


Pelleas Group LLC is a full service private investigative agency offering Pre-Employment Background Check, Asset Search, Skip Trace, Tenant Screening Service.



As a Private Investigative Agency, Pelleas Group LLC manages and conducts a wide spectrum of private, corporate and public sector investigations on behalf of individuals, corporations, financial institutions, legal firms, insurers and governmental organizations.

Our team utilizes a range of strategies including but not limited to compliant and ethical overt and covert investigation techniques, field inquiries, open-source research to acquire factual evidence and remain unbiased throughout.

All our investigations are conducted in a manner in which the resulting findings may be used in a court of law or for public dissemination, as required by the respective client.

In addition to this our team can undertake discrete internal investigations to enable companies to identify fraud and fulfill their compliance responsibilities.


Entering into a contract or business relationship with an individual without full knowledge of their business dealings, past or present, can expose your organization to significant risk.

In the context of pre-transactional due diligence, we analyze compliance threats and other undisclosed risks, assess the reputation of potential business partners, uncover understated liabilities or overstated assets, review corporate and personal histories.

Background checks are vital to understand these potential threats. However, gathering the extensive range of information needed to develop an effective risk profile is an arduous, time consuming task, especially where the business relationship involves other countries or where relevant information is in a language not easily understood by the researcher.

Our team collates information from all available public data sources, examining both commercial and government records. We provide clients with a comprehensive investigative report, including financial, taxation, environmental, political and compliance issues.

Pelleas Group Analytic Reports provide a greater level of scrutiny of potential business associates and highlight risk that cannot be detected at geopolitical analysis or batch screening level.

Our reports focus not only on the company, its owners and its operating and litigation history but also on key management and decision makers, providing insight on their background, track records, competencies, potential conflicts of interest and political and criminal links. Business conduct and reputation history are analyzed and a thorough search is made for hidden liabilities.


Our financial investigation service can locate undisclosed and hidden assets, detect fraud and identify vulnerabilities within your organization.

Our strategy aims to develop a full financial profile on the subject by investigating the location and worth of all real property, personal property, interests in properties, interests in business entities, accounts receivable, royalties, patents and other valuable assets. We also examine the assets of spouses and family members for possible transfers, corporations associated with the subject and the subject's partners.

We identify individuals or entities that can provide leads and direction to the discovery of hidden assets, conduct lifestyle analysis to determine how the target meets his current obligations and examines what business the target is currently conducting.

We have unique capabilities to locate concealed or undisclosed assets hidden in international and domestic accounts.

Our team has an extensive experience in dealing with all types of fraud schemes including deceit, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, dishonest assistance and restitution.

We offer a range of Asset Investigation & Recovery services to our clients. Our team of licensed investigators has significant experience investigating financial crimes, regulatory breaches, money laundering, fraud and organized crime.

We collaborate with our clients and other professionals to develop strategies involving innovative remedies to gather information and expose sophisticated acts of fraud where elaborate measures have often been taken to conceal wrongdoings.


Art crime s the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world. The increase in international art transactions has incubated a booming market for stolen and fraudulent art, and major U.S. arts institutions still grapple with the repatriation of stolen or looted objects in their collections.

We specialize in identifying and investigating the recovery of stolen, missing and disputed cultural property.

Scanning the international art market and recovering objects from a third party can prove a daunting and complicated task for claimants, particularly where multiple jurisdictions are involved. We make that process easier.

We represent and advise clients at every stage of the course of a recovery, providing the following services and support:

  • Due diligence research into the provenance, legal title and authenticity of works of art;

  • Post Theft & Recovery

  • Theft/loss investigations including forensic examination of scene and objects.

  • Proactive searching

  • Support and liaison with law enforcement and border agencies;

  • Negotiation with third party holders;

  • Dispute resolution and mediation advice;

  • Recovering and returning claimed property.

We specialize in developing creative recovery strategies and advising our clients on how to identify and recover property legally and ethically.

We work primarily with, and on behalf of, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, governments and law enforcement agencies, museums, art dealers.
We will consider cases involving the recovery of any uniquely identifiable object.

We specialize in painting and drawings.