Private Investigations

Legal Support

Pelleas Group LLC is a full service private investigative agency offering litigation support service to the legal community.



Our team works discreetly and confidentially to provide intelligence to the litigators involved in establishing facts, conducting discovery, negotiating settlement or collecting on judgement.

  • Locate and interview people with key information

  • Reveal the vulnerabilities of an adversary’s witnesses

  • Develop pertinent facts

  • Collect and secure evidence

  • Locate assets around the world

We specialize in providing clients with intelligence reports which allow them to make an informed decision on whether to file a civil action, negotiate a settlement or cease proceedings.  We use sophisticated overt and covert intelligence, credit reference databases, local sources, undercover and field support personnel to complement our service.

Our multi-lingual personnel as well as a vast overseas consultants' network ensures that we can dispatch interviewers and resources with strong local ties almost anywhere in the world.