Private Investigations


Pelleas Group LLC delivers trusted investigative service to Miami Legal and Business community.



Our team leverages operational acumen and analytical rigor to identify risks and vulnerabilities and find solutions to mitigate them. With two decades of private sector, government intelligence and investigation experience, we deliver unequalled results. 

Our team collects information from multiple sources, overt and/or covert. Leveraging Intelligence community best practices, we structure information in coherent narratives to expose drivers, give context, and infer causal relationships. Our clients regularly approach us with sensitive issues that are unique in their nature.  We provide our clients with accountable and bespoke services with continuous assessment and advise them of the available options.

Although we have global reach, we are by design a boutique firm. This allows us to provide personalized attention and creative approaches to finding information, wherever it lives.

With real world experience, and a proven track record of success we are prepared to meet the most difficult of challenges.

Mikhael Levy founded Pelleas Group LLC in 2015. With over 18 years of professional experience in investigations, Mikhael Levy has successfully conducted numerous complex investigative projects. A skilled strategist who leverages design thinking to make sense of complex situations, he has participated in critical missions with governmental agencies. He is a resourceful, creative problem-solver with a proven aptitude to analyze and translate security risks into innovative solutions. He's an expert Infrastructure 3D Modeling, Crime Scene 3D Reconstruction, Composite Portrait, and Forensic Visualization. He is a licensed private investigator in the state of Florida.